Standing Apart

Differentiation is key in today’s marketplace…let LM Creative strategically set your business apart.

Through a strategic process LM Creative will help you analyze your organization, develop an inclusive marketing plan, and align an integral message- both internally and externally- responsive to your comprehensive business direction.

LM Creative tailors each program entirely and welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals and firms from fresh faced to established or boutique to broad-based.





Strategic Marketing Consultation                                                                                ____________________________________________                 ___

LM Creative and your key players meet to analyze business structure/practices, define market/marketability, evaluate current practices, create messaging/branding, and strategically plan for the future.  Depending on the size of the firm, this can be an afternoon or up to two days.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan                                                    ___________________________________________________________         _                    _

LM Creative to develop a plan that is directly responsive to the consultation and details the next year’s marketing initiatives with a monthly marketing/PR campaign at the core.  Strategy, market sectors/demographics, activity, and progression will be clearly set in place.

Targeted Marketing/PR Campaign                   ________________________________________________________________________                                         

LM Creative to create a monthly marketing/PR campaign focused on your Target Audience.  Activities might include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Press Releases/Distribution
  • Website Creative/Content Evaluation
  • Social Media/Web Placement/Blog Creation
  • Advertising/Direct Marketing/Promotional Creation
  • Monthly Recap Meeting

Extent of campaign will be determined by Strategic Marketing Consultation and subsequent Comprehensive Marketing Plan.

How does the Process work?…Do we have to follow the Process step by step?

Ideally, the Process starts with a Strategic Marketing Consultation followed by the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan.  From the Strategic Marketing Plan a Targeted Marketing/PR Campaign is created.  If your business has not ever been through this exercise, then this is where you should begin.

Are there parts of the Monthly Marketing/PR Campaign we can implement ourselves?

Absolutely and recommended!  The Comprehensive Marketing Plan is constructed so that a majority of the Targeted Marketing/PR Campaign can be implemented by a member(s) of your team.  Once the plan is in place, you should have the tools and direction to promote.

Is there a component of accountability to the Process?

No matter what combination of the Process you choose, a monthly component is recommended.  At the very least, we will have a monthly meeting to see what has been done, discuss the response, and address the quantifiables. Consistency is key and LM Creative will make sure you stay on the right path.

What if we have a plan in place but need help in specific areas, such as a website review?

No worries, from website evaluations to awards submissions, any component of your marketing can be individually addressed.