Selected Writings

Art And The Built Landscape In The Central Business District Of Dallas: Influences From An Identifiable Era In The Late Twentieth Century 

  • Masters of Landscape Architecture Thesis, 2008
How to Network in the Digital Age

  • PLANET News, November 2012

To network successfully, you need to know when to surf and when to turf.

Define and Manage your Brand

  • Landscape Management, October 2012

The saying might be cliché, but perception is reality in the eyes of the consumer, and you want to be perceived favorably.

Neo-Classical French Garden 

  • Landscape Architect and Specifier News, January 2011

Cover and feature story for the January Residential focused issue.

Sequestering CO2 in the CBD of Dallas: Gateway Forest Park 

  • Landscape Architect and Specifier News, November 2010

Stewardship Article on p. 156.

Spring Into Action 

  • DFW House & Home, February 2010

Preparing for spring gardening on p.16.

Giardino Verde 

  • Landscape Architect and Specifier News, January 2010

Cover and Feature article for January’s residential focused issue.

Summer Gardening…Texas Style 

  • DFW House & Home, August 2009

Like most things…things are done differently here in Texas! P.34

Plinth and Chintz Interview 2005 

An interview by my dear friend Laura McDonald Stewart, whose Mission at is: To bridge the gap between the student /educational community and the professional /manufacturer community of the interior design world, and not to die of boredom while we do it.