LM Creative is Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, and Branding

The concept is direct, LM Creative is a marketing/PR/advertising consultancy for individuals and firms who may not have an on-staff marketing team or for those who wish to re-evaluate their campaigns, supplement a PR firm, or require specific marketing and design services.

Who is LM Creative Principally it is Lara Moffat; however, collectively LM Creative is part of a network of talented and innovative creatives.

Lara’s diverse education, artistic endeavors, and professional experience makes her approach to strategic marketing, public relations, and branding ideal for any size business.  As the former Director of Marketing for a nationally recognized Design/Build/Maintenance firm, she understands the art and science needed to market to clients desiring a luxury good as well as those requesting a service product.

With degrees in art, psychology, horticulture, and landscape architecture, Lara brings a unique perspective to marketing within the landscape and design industries. Lara tailors each program entirely and welcomes the opportunity to work with firms from fresh faced to established or boutique to broad-based.

Lara is an award-winning designer, writer, photographer, and speaker.  She also serves on various boards and participates in organizations locally and nationally.

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